Drake Accounting Vs Quickbooks

Drake Accounting Vs Quickbooks

If you’re trying to decide between Drake Accounting and Quickbooks, there are a number of features to consider. Here are some of the main differences between the two. Accounts Receivable lets you send and receive invoices and post payments from customers. Both softwares have robust payroll and bookkeeping functions. Drake Accounting also allows you to track payments with multiple deposit accounts.

Pay as you go

If you’re considering Drake accounting as a part of your small business accounting software, you’re not alone. Drake Accounting is designed to streamline the day-to-day tasks of small business owners, and it includes several features for small-to-medium businesses. Drake Accounting lets you set up major modules, including Accounts Receivable, Payables, and Employees. You can also create paid preparers or administrators to handle various aspects of your business.

Both Drake Software and QuickBooks are widely used for accounting, and they offer a variety of tools to help business owners manage expenses and generate reports. These tools can make it easier to track payments, expenses, payrolls, and tax returns. Intuit also offers services for managing payroll and credit card processing.

Custom chart of accounts

Using a custom chart of accounts in Drake accounting software vs quickbooks can help your small business stay organized and track its financial performance. You can add sub-accounts and parent accounts to your chart of accounts. Customizing your chart of accounts will also help you understand your business’ finances more fully.

First, you should export your data to a file with an.iiF extension. If the file does not have this extension, Drake Accounting will not import it. You should also note that some fields in your QuickBooks file may not be able to be imported. Additionally, you can only convert one QuickBooks client at a time. Therefore, you should complete the process before converting another client.

A chart of accounts is an important component of any accounting system. It organizes important financial accounts and helps you prepare financial statements. A well-organized chart of accounts will make tax time much easier. It will help you develop financial reports in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to compare the health of your business. Ideally, you should use a chart of accounts that separates your revenue from expenses, as well as the various accounts that make up your business.

The chart of accounts in Drake accounting software can be customized for your specific business needs. You can import an existing chart of accounts from your clients, or you can use a template to create your own chart of accounts. You can change account numbers as needed. You can also format your financial reports using account levels. The process of entering and editing data is fast and easy. Drake accounting software features an accounts payable module that allows you to create and print invoices and sales tax reports. It also supports unlimited vendors.

Bulk e-filing

Whether you’re deciding between Drake accounting and QuickBooks bulk e-filing, you’ll be glad you know that both programs have similar e-filing capabilities. However, they have distinct differences that separate them from each other. First, Drake accounting has more features. For instance, it offers e-signing capabilities, which allows customers to sign federal and state returns electronically. It also offers a centralized dashboard that provides real-time business health information. Furthermore, it offers a robust research tool to keep you abreast of tax changes. This feature is easily accessible via the ‘Research’ button and allows users to add keywords and tax-related websites.

Secondly, Drake Accounting e-filing requires fewer steps. The system makes the entire process simpler. By integrating multiple business applications, you can create, manage, and distribute forms quickly and easily. This will save time, increase accuracy, and simplify your daily work.

Finally, when deciding between Drake accounting and QuickBooks bulk e-filing, it’s important to look at their respective strengths and weaknesses. By comparing the two products, you’ll be able to find out which one is better suited for your needs. For example, Drake has more features than QuickBooks, while QuickBooks has more than enough to support your business. Both programs support various processes, workflows, reports, and other business needs. For example, both companies offer online customer support, and many other services that help small and medium-sized businesses succeed.

Another great feature of Drake is SmartVault, which integrates with Drake software and offers built-in document management. This feature helps you store and manage client files electronically, reducing the need for paper and big physical cabinets. SmartVault also has built-in templates for new tax years, engagements, and client lists. Lastly, Drake Accounting enables the use of double-entry accounting, which allows you to track client records and manage payrolls.


Drake accounting software provides a wide array of features for small business accounting. It includes an integrated Professional Tax Solution, Payroll, Document Manager, and many other tools that simplify the preparation of tax returns. This software speeds up the preparation process by guiding you through every step of the return preparation process. It includes shortcut keys and macros that reduce keystrokes.

It comes with the latest technology. The application uses the latest servers and data protection tools. This means that small businesses can benefit from these tools without the need to invest in a costly IT infrastructure. In addition, this service is available on a pay-per-month basis, so you only pay for what you’re using. Plus, you can always add more users as needed.

The software also offers robust features and excellent customer service. However, it does require separate licenses for each EFIN. The licensing limitations mean that the software can’t be used by unauthorized people or through non-licensed sites. As a result, it is not the best option for small businesses.

In addition to its features, Drake Accounting is more affordable than QuickBooks. It costs as little as $330 a year and starts at $15 a month. Drake also offers free electronic filing. While QuickBooks may have more features and is cheaper than Drake, the initial cost will be higher. But in the long run, you’ll save money and be more organized by using Drake.


If you are looking for a reliable accounting solution for your small business, you should consider using QuickBooks. This popular software has many advantages for small businesses, including ease of use and scalability. Despite the fact that QuickBooks is the industry leader, you should also consider alternatives if you are considering switching to a new system. Make sure, however, that the system you’re choosing will not lock your data in or prevent you from easily moving it.

When evaluating your business software, you should consider the features, workflows, reports, and processes. Make sure you choose a software that can handle your current and future needs. Drake accounting software and QuickBooks both have a long list of features and options to make your life easier. Both applications have Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules, as well as Billing & Invoicing, General-Ledger, Data Import/Export, Basic Reports, and Online Customer Support.

Drake Accounting offers an excellent feature called bulk e-filing. This feature helps eliminate any chances of data manipulation by allowing you to trace data back to tax-paying units. Drake Accounting also provides a full set of crystal report-based financial statements. These reports are based on different data sources. SAP developed crystal reports, which are a key feature of the Drake accounting software.

Drake Accounting software allows you to set up the major modules in one place. You can also set up users, paid preparers, and administrators for the software. These modules and features allow you to have a more flexible and productive company. You can also use the software to manage your employees, customers, and other resources.

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