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Whether you want to keep your iPhone clean or to clean it yourself, there are many ways you can do this. There are apps you can use to do this, as well as programs that can clean your entire phone.


iCleaner is a simple yet powerful app that helps you clear your iPhone of unwanted data. It can clear caches, logs, browser history, and more. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The app comes in three levels of cleaning: Level One, Level Two, and Level Three.

In Level One, iCleaner detects and deletes redundant files. The application will scan your iPhone and detect any duplicate contacts, emails, photos, and videos. It will then group them by name and phone. The app will also clean caches, Safari cookies, message attachments, and apps caches.

Level Two will clean Safari cache files, AppStore app caches, and Safari browsing history. It will also wipe out message attachments and message attachments sent through MMS. The app will also clean cached pictures and videos from apps.

Level Three is the most powerful level. It will remove large media files, app caches, and unnecessary files. It will also detect and clean duplicate files, big-sized images, and videos. It will also detect and clean screenshots, and blurred images.

As an alternative to iCleaner, you can try Clean Doctor. It can clean and delete your iPhone contacts, videos, and calendars. It will also diagnose the connection to your network. This can help you make better informed decisions about your system’s performance and safety.

iCleaner also has a Disk Mode that lets you clean iOS temporary files. This is useful for jailbreakers. It can help clear your device of leftover files left by jailbreak tweaks. Using this feature, you can also remove unused dependencies, log files, and more.

There are also other great iPhone data cleaning apps. However, iCleaner has some great features that make it one of the best.

Phone Cleaner

Using a phone cleaner can free up a lot of space in your iPhone. Keeping your phone clean will also improve performance. The iPhone can run very slow due to junk files. These files can eat up memory and processing power. Cleaner apps will help you delete these files and get your phone up and running again.

One of the best iPhone cleaner apps is Smart Phone Cleaner. It declutters your phone in seconds. It looks for redundant data, screenshots, contacts, and videos. This app has a nice interface and isn’t too complicated to use. It also has bonus utility tools like an ad blocker for the Safari app.

Another good iPhone cleaner app is Clean Master. This app has a simple interface and manages photos, videos, and junk files. The app also has a nice feature that enables users to merge and delete duplicate contacts. This app is free and doesn’t require root.

Another iPhone cleaner app is Wisecleaner. This app will free up a lot of space on your iPhone by removing junk files. This app is easy to install and can be set to perform clean-ups automatically.

There are a lot of iPhone cleaning apps out there. Most of them require a trial or download before you can use them. Clean Master, Cleaner Pro, and iCleaner are among the best. They all work in similar ways.

Clean Master has a lot of features. It can scan your phone for junk files and can even delete them for you. The app also has a neat feature that makes it easy to remove outdated reminders. The app also offers a custom cleaning widget for your home screen.

Clean My Photos

Keeping track of your iPhone photos can be a chore. Sometimes you take too many pictures and don’t have enough time to sort through them. Luckily, there are a few apps that can help you organize and clean up your photos.

The Photos app is an excellent tool for organizing your pictures. It features a search feature as well as facial recognition. It also has a very useful feature called a “recently deleted” album. This album can help you restore deleted photos.

The Photos app also includes a clever sweeping gesture that can help you delete photos you never wanted to see again. Similarly, the app can also help you create a personalized photo book.

The app can also perform other functions, such as deleting duplicate contacts and screenshots. It’s also very user-friendly. It asks a few questions about your photos and media library before suggesting ways to free up space.

The best part about Clean My Photos is that it’s free. It also has customizable features, making it easy to customize the app to your needs.

The app’s clever sweeping gestures make it a cinch to clean up your photo library. It also boasts a couple of features that are only available in the paid version. During a free trial, you can download the app and use it for three days.

The app also boasts a number of features that aren’t available in the free version, including a “reminder” feature. The app can also help you delete images that have been deleted from your trash folder.

The app’s main selling point is its ability to find and delete duplicate photos. You can also choose which photos to hide, as well as hide private photos in your own secret album.

Super Cleaner

Having a good cleaner app can improve the performance of your iPhone and optimize your storage. Cleaner apps can also detect junk files and unnecessary files that slow down your iPhone’s performance.

There are several cleaner apps available on the App Store. Using a cleaner app can help you find and delete redundant files, optimize storage space, and clear your cache.

Cleaner for iPhone is a popular app that cleans up your phone. This app works similar to other junk cleaner apps, but it offers more features. It has an advanced scanner that detects and removes junk files and unwanted files. It also offers a backup option that allows you to back up your photos, music, and contacts. It also has a smart cleaning feature.

It also provides an option to monitor your storage space and show you a pie chart showing your storage status. It also has a performance management tool that optimizes your iPhone’s performance. You can also check your RAM and internal memory usage. It can also delete cookies, duplicate contacts, and temporary iOS cache.

It also offers a custom cleaning reminder. It has an easy to use interface. The app also provides a free trial period. You can also buy weekly or yearly subscriptions.

One of the best features of Cleaner for iPhone is its ability to detect and remove duplicate contacts. It also allows you to merge contacts that you no longer use. The app also features a media organizing tool that helps you sort your photos and videos by location. It even has an intelligent search tool that recognizes similar pictures and videos.

Cleaner for iPhone also comes with an internet speed test. It also has an option to scan your phone for blurry or background apps. It also includes a trash can that can be used for deleting unwanted files. The app also supports widgets on your home screen.


iChecker is one of the top iPhone cleaner apps. It helps you clean junk and optimize your iPhone memory. Its unique features include real-time memory use statistics and a memory monitor that lets you see how much RAM is left on your iPhone. It also helps you remove duplicate contacts and similar videos. It also allows you to close background programs.

Another free iPhone cleaner app is Clean Doctor. This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It removes duplicate contacts, videos, live photos, emails and other junk. It can also scan for broken contacts and organize your files. You can also set reminders and block spam invitations. It also works on your iPad and iPhone.

Another great app is iMyFone Umate Pro. This app helps you clean your iPhone and iPad by removing junk and redundant files. It also helps you manage your photo library, address book and music library. It has a user-friendly interface that makes managing your iPhone and iPad easy. It offers a free trial.

Another iPhone cleaner app that is free to download is Phone Cleaner. This app has a simple interface that lets you clean your iPhone easily. It organizes media, contacts and messages by size and shows you a pie chart that shows how much space your iPhone has. It also allows you to set a cleaning reminder for monthly or quarterly clean ups. It also offers a free 7 day trial.

Another iPhone cleaner app is Smart Cleaner. It is a more accurate cleaner for iPhone that is easy to use. It allows you to remove duplicate contacts and similar pictures in your albums. It also helps you organize your iPhone contacts and organize them in folders.

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