New Features in QuickBooks Enterprise

New Features in QuickBooks Enterprise

If you are a CPA, you’ll be interested in the new features that QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 has to offer. These new features include integrations with other programs, enhanced job costing, and payroll enhancements. In addition, you can cancel invoices that have bounced checks. Many of these new features were inspired by feedback from thousands of clients.

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2014

Some of the new features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 include advanced pricing, which allows you to manage complex pricing structures. This replaces the previous Price Levels feature. This feature requires a Full Service Plan, and costs $399 per year. To learn more, check out Charlie Russel’s article on advanced pricing. Other new features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 include the ability to delete unnecessary accounts, customize your home page, and set up advanced alerts.

Inventory management is a powerful feature of QuickBooks Enterprise. The software supports up to 750 unique price levels. With this new feature, you can also use multiple users to make deposits and edit inventory items. The software also has a job cost reporting feature and can track job costs. In addition, you can customize the price of each item, whether it’s a percentage or a single customer.

QuickBooks Enterprise provides the option to automatically adjust prices for inventory items. It can set a default markup percentage and update the selling price by markup whenever costs change. It can also ask you before making any changes. It can also warn you if a serial or lot number does not exist. You can also configure the number of users for this feature.

Another feature in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 is Multi-Monitor Support, which enables you to create invoices on one screen while viewing customer lists on another. Moreover, you can also pull up different company reports simultaneously from different screens. This feature is a valuable tool for ensuring the accuracy of reports.

The installation of QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 is easy. It can be installed on Windows systems and activated. Once activated, you can access your company file from multiple workstations. Moreover, it supports multi-currency support and payroll services. For a complete accounting system, you can also use QuickBooks add-on services from Intuit.

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software. The company launches new versions of the software every year. While some people prefer to stick with the older versions, others prefer to upgrade. The new versions of QuickBooks have more features and shortcuts compared to their predecessors.

Integrations with other programs

Integrating QuickBooks with other programs is an excellent way to streamline your business processes. It allows you to automate tasks, avoid manual data entry, and save time. There are two main types of integrations: push and sync. Push-based integrations require data to be constantly updated, while sync-based integrations monitor new data at the back-end and send it to the target application periodically. Depending on the program you use, you might have to manually set a schedule for this synchronization to take place.

Adding inventory control can help you keep track of inventory efficiently. You can assign different dates to different items, and you can assign multiple locations to each location. Total Inventory Control allows you to keep track of inventory and reduce inventory errors. Using this software allows you to manage all of your inventory at once, without needing to purchase another inventory system. It also offers 12 custom fields, which are useful for tracking inventory details. Batch time entry is also a helpful feature for contractors with several employees.

One of the major benefits of integrating QuickBooks Online with other programs is that you’ll be able to use QuickBooks data in other programs. For instance, you can sync individual transactions with a checking account. You can also use tools like Expensify to automate expense management. Expensify can also integrate with other third-party apps, including QuickBooks. Another useful app is Gusto, which integrates with QuickBooks.

Advanced Permissions are a great addition to internal controls. With 115 different access rights, Advanced Permissions gives you more flexibility than you might have with QuickBooks Premier. In addition, you’ll be able to restrict which employees have access to different features of your software. In general, giving staff access to too much information is a dangerous practice because it can provide them with incentive to commit fraud. For example, employees who are disgruntled or financially distressed may be more inclined to commit fraud. And if they have an outside incentive to do so, they may rationalize their actions.

QuickBooks can integrate with legacy programs. For example, if you want to accept payments from your customers, you can integrate with PayPal. This allows you to easily accept payments from customers, and your QuickBooks data will be synced with the payment processor.


Advanced Pricing is included in the Platinum Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise. It allows users to customize and automate pricing for products and services. This feature eliminates the need for manual updates and boosts your bottom line. With Advanced Pricing, you can set thousands of price rules. These rules will automatically adjust pricing as costs change.

Advanced Pricing in QuickBooks Enterprise lets you set price levels by customers, items, or classes. You can also set a default markup for items. In addition, you can track minimum and maximum quantities, and create batch purchase orders from item-based reports. This feature is available only in the Platinum edition of QuickBooks Enterprise. It is also compatible with mobile devices and supports an enterprise-grade warehouse mobile application. Warehouse employees can use the app to fill sales orders, scan barcodes, and add quantities on the go.

Another new feature of QuickBooks is Group Transactions. Grouping transactions in the same category can help you organize them more easily. You can also view the transaction history and customize email templates. This feature is helpful if you deal with many vendors. You will be able to track backorders and sales orders with ease.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions provides a new level of flexibility while retaining the familiar QuickBooks look and feel. The new version also offers Job Costing Reports that let you keep track of reps by job. You can also run reports using Committed Costs and Work-in-Progress (WIP) data.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 offers a wide array of features and functions. For example, you can send invoices to many customers, or to all customers at once. You can also group customers into Billing Groups. Moreover, you can set up an alert for bills and invoices that are due. In addition, QuickBooks doesn’t charge you any finance or late fees, and it lets you print individual checks.

Pricing for QuickBooks Enterprise depends on the number of users you have and the features you want. For example, the Silver version for one user costs $1,340. A subscription with 30 users is $7,076. However, there are often discounts and promotions on the Intuit website. There is also a Gold version that starts at $1,740. The Gold version also offers additional features like QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll.


Installation of QuickBooks enterprise 2014 can be completed in two steps. The first step involves downloading the installation program to a location on your hard drive. The next step involves opening the program using the Intuit Download Manager. Once the download is complete, the installation process will begin automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. Next, enter your product number and license information. You will also be asked to accept the terms of service before proceeding.

To install QuickBooks enterprise 2014, you should have a license key. If you don’t have a license key, then install the software by using another license key. You will also need to have access to the hidden Windows folder. This folder should be accessible by setting your preferences to show hidden files. You should also shut down all the QuickBooks services on your computer. If you cannot find these services, you can use the Task Manager to terminate the processes.

If you have several computers, you can install multiple versions of QuickBooks. Just be sure that you uninstall your previous version first. Then, follow the installation instructions to install the second edition of QuickBooks. Once the installation is complete, the installation will display the Upgrade or Change Installation Location window. After that, you can begin using the new version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks enterprise solutions 14.0 is designed to help you manage your business’ accounting. It provides end-to-end data for your income transactions and makes it easy to take action on them. The software also allows you to batch email or print invoices. It also lets you filter your reports by customer or transaction. The software has more flexibility than ever and supports up to 30 users. Users can perform tasks simultaneously, and it comes with 14 predefined user roles.

In order to install QuickBooks enterprise 2014, you must have QuickBooks Premier 2013. You need to close Premier 2013 before installing QuickBooks enterprise 2014. Then, double-click the downloaded update file and follow the installation instructions.

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