Office 365 Blogs – How to Set Up a Story Page in Office 365

Office 365 Blogs - How to Set Up a Story Page in Office 365

Office 365 blog is a way to share thoughts with the organization

Office 365 blogs are an easy way to share information and ideas with your organization. Once you’ve set up a blog site using the communication site, you can customize your posts and add features like categorization and filtering. You can also customize the appearance of your posts by using a custom template.

365 blog uses a content type called “Story Page”

“Story Page” is a content type used in Office 365. This content type is essentially a web page that uses JSON information as its content. The story page content type is also used in the video portal. Story Pages can have multiple authors and a different format than a traditional blog post.

365 blog images are uploaded to a user site collection

You’ll need to make sure that your users have the appropriate license and exist in the user profile service in order to use SharePoint. Once this has been done, you’ll need to create a template CSV file that lists the email address of every user on your site. This file can then be modified to work with any other image source.

In the Choose File window, click on the “Add a Document” button. In the next window, enter the image’s name, author, and date of creation. You’ll also need to enter the image’s copyright information, if applicable. Once you’ve done this, click the “Insert Image” tab.

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