The Microsoft E1 Cloud Services Provider (CSP) License

The Microsoft E1 Cloud Services Provider (CSP) License

A Microsoft E1 license includes all the features of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, including web based apps and integration with cloud services like OneDrive and Teams. However, the E1 license does not include a product key. Instead, it is a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) licence.


The Microsoft e1 license is a cloud-based version of Office 365. It includes web apps and cloud services such as OneDrive and Teams. It does not contain a product key. This is a good option for small businesses or individuals who need to use a variety of Microsoft applications.

Office 365 is a suite of software designed for small and medium businesses. It provides collaboration, security and increased mailbox storage. It also has advanced compliance and security features. The Office desktop suite is also included in this version. If you run a larger company, you may want to consider the Office 365 E5 license. It offers more advanced security features and audio conferencing tools.

Microsoft 365 e1 license features include Microsoft Office apps, which run on desktop, web, and mobile. The software is available for both Windows and Mac. It also offers access to the cloud and mobile apps. With these features, you can access and edit documents anywhere, anytime, anywhere. The software also supports unlimited number of users.

Office 365 E1 has a web-based application interface that integrates with cloud services such as OneDrive and Teams. It also comes with web versions of Microsoft’s popular desktop applications. This means that your team can work together anytime and anywhere. However, it’s important to note that the E1 license does not include the product key.

You should also take into account the cost of additional add-ons. These might include third-party applications. You may also need business analytics or security services. Furthermore, you may need extra storage space for your OneDrive. If you’re not sure, try the 30-day free trial to see how it works for your organization.

Microsoft E3 license features offer email encryption and retention regulations. It also offers unlimited OneDrive storage per user. It lacks eDiscovery, audio-conferencing, and Power BI Pro, however. Basic auditing and search capabilities are also included in this license. If your company relies on business-critical data, you can also consider the E3 license.


To determine if Microsoft e1 licensing is right for your company, start by taking an inventory of your current environment. This will give you a better idea of what kind of access and features you need. If you have multiple users in different roles, you can combine different license types to meet your needs.


The E1 license for Microsoft Office 365 is designed for non-editing staff, line and floor staff, and remote workers. This version of the software includes next-generation anti-malware, attack surface reduction, and granular endpoint control. However, the E1 license does not include traditional Office apps. It also offers minimal security features. The E5 license offers more advanced security features, such as data governance and ediscovery.

Microsoft has several different licensing levels, including E1 and E5 licenses. While the E1 license offers only basic security features, Office 365 business premium has more robust security features. It also offers increased compliance features such as unified audit logs. For more detailed information, you can contact Microsoft TAM, which can confirm whether a particular license is available, and what its associated price is.

The E5 license is the most advanced license for Microsoft 365. This license includes all the security tools that are available in the E1 and E3 licenses, including Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Cloud App Security. This license is best for users who need the most security. CyberMSI uses this license.

The E1 license does not include audio-conferencing or Defender for Office 365. It does, however, offer increased email security and retention regulations. It also provides unlimited OneDrive storage for each user. However, it does not include Power BI Pro. It also comes with group policies that administrators can control. It also offers basic auditing and searching for content.

Microsoft 365 E3 security extensions are presented as extensions to Microsoft 365 E3. You can buy the Information Protection & Governance extension and Azure AD P2. You can also buy the Microsoft 365 E5 Security bundle, which bundles Azure AD P2 and Advanced Threat Protection suite. Another option is the Office 365 F3, which is a lighter version of the E1 license. The only difference is the storage of OneDrive.

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